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Gravity Conveyor Rollers(Heavy Duty)
  • Gravity Conveyor Rollers(Heavy Duty)

Gravity Conveyor Rollers(Heavy Duty)

Item No.: KR01
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Provides protectio

Our heavy duty gravity conveyor rollers are designed to make light work of heavy loads. This product range includes larger diameter conveyor rollers supplied with thicker wall tubes and larger diameter spindles.


Un-machined round spindles are suitable for double spring loaded rollers. In some cases the sideframes could be drilled as opposed to punched. Extruded hexagonal spindles are suitable for punched conveyor sideframes. In most cases the spindle would be spring loaded. The hexagonal shape prevents the spindle from rotating in the side frame, it also prevents the bearing inner race from rotating on the spindle. Both round and hexagonal spindles can be drilled and tapped at each end to enable the roller to be bolted between the conveyor sideframes, thus increasing the rigidity of the conveyor.
Round spindles with 2 milled flats are used in conveyors with slotted side frames where rollers are lowered into position. In most cases the spindle is supplied fixed within the roller. External circlips can be used to captivate a spindle within a roller. This method of retention is usually found on heavy duty rollers and drums. Round spindles can be threaded at either end to suit a metric or imperial nut. In most cases the spindle is supplied loose.
'Cross drilled' spindles are supplied loose and allow several rollers to be wired together in a sideframe to prevent spindle rotation and to retain the roller.    
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